Patients are dying, and malpractice is the claim. Is incompetence the cause, or is it something even worse? Emergency doctor Drake Cody must stop the mysterious hospital deaths while his ER and city are turned into a war zone by an invasion of deadly new opioid drugs.

Overdoses, malpractice, and murder--wrongful deaths all.
The disasters shred Drake, both as a doctor and a man, when a young patient of his dies unexpectedly and the killer drug strikes down the person he loves most. Nothing is as it seems as Drake and police confront evil hiding where none suspect it. How many more will die?

Wrongful Deaths puts the readers on the front-lines of the opioid epidemic and exposes intrigue, greed, and crime within the medical, legal and business worlds in this action-packed tale involving characters you care about.

Each novel is written to stand alone, but readers will maximize their enjoyment if they read the series in the order written.