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Twenty-five years as an ER doctor in busy inner-city, level-one trauma centers provide Tom Combs' background for his gripping stories. High-stakes, deadly conflict, unforgettable characters and a flawed individual who is compelled to protect others are central to his books .                                                                                                                                                     
MORE:                                                                                                                                                               Working his way through college Tom worked jobs using jackhammers, chainsaws, and heavy machinery. At the University of Minnesota he was a biochemistry teaching assistant and subsequently did research in the College of Pharmacology developing new drugs  from natural sources. He'd also worked as a security supervisor at a major art museum. He spent the year prior to starting medical school  working as a technical writer for a technology firm.

His medical internship was served at Hennepin County Medical Center where he was introduced to the fledgling specialty of Emergency Medicine (EM). For the next 3 years he received advanced training in the specialty of emergency medicine and  served as a helicopter rescue "flight physician" in the University of Cincinnati residency program.

For more than two decades he worked as an emergency physician in busy, inner-city level one trauma hospitals. His experiences, the life-or-death drama, and the fascinating people he was intimately involved with inform his compelling fiction.

Tom has spent the last nine years writing and refining his skills. The author-educators of the Loft Literary Center provided invaluable instruction (Ellen Hart, Wm Kent Krueger, the late Vince Flynn, and dozens more). Additionally award-winning author Michael (Sears) Stanley, renowned author/educator, James Scott Bell, and other experts have shared their wisdom.

For Tom, a passion for reading has been a lifelong gift. He's thrilled to provide stories that engage, excite, and entertain his readers. Tom lives with his artist wife in Minneapolis/St. Paul.


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