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Twenty-five years as an ER doctor in busy inner-city, level-one trauma centers provide Tom Combs' background for his gripping stories. High-stakes, deadly conflict, unforgettable characters and a flawed individual who is compelled to protect others are central to his books .                                                                                                                                                     
MORE:                                                                                                                 Working his way through college Tom worked jobs using jackhammers, chainsaws, and heavy machinery. At the University of Minnesota he was a biochemistry major and subsequently a research assistant in pharmacology. He spent the year prior to starting medical school  working as a technical writer for a technology firm.

His medical internship was served at Hennepin County Medical Center where he was introduced to the fledgling specialty of Emergency Medicine (EM). For the next 3 years he received advanced training in his chosen specialty and  served as a helicopter rescue "flight physician" in the University of Cincinnati emergency medicine residency program.

For more than two decades he worked as an emergency physician in busy, inner-city level one trauma hospitals. His experiences, the life-or-death drama, and the fascinating people he was intimately involved with inform his compelling fiction.

Tom has spent the last nine years writing and refining his skills with years of study at the Loft literary Center. 

For Tom, a passion for reading has been a lifelong gift. He's thrilled to provide stories that engage, excite, and entertain his readers. Tom lives with his artist wife on a lake in his beloved home state of Minnesota.


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